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It's often said that to be a writer, you must write what you know. Then again, there are those who say in order to write a lot you must read a lot. So here in lies my profession.

A freelance writer, I rejected my inner nonconformist from an early age. Often found reading the New York Post in middle school, I was quietly labeled by others my age - only able to presume their descriptions within.

High school was a series of bold and eloquent words that fluently rolled off the tongue describing ordinary happenstance and causing others to question the oddity of my adolescence.

In college I found myself too type A, button down conservative for art school yet too creative and right brain resourceful for traditional education. I supplemented my subsequent schooling, receiving my master's degree in real life and my doctorate in self-help.

Eventually, the years of knowledge and volumes of text lead to days filling pages with word counts and text. My abilities are varied and aptitude is vast - it is an innate talent that can not be learned. Not everyone can write well, but anyone can use writers who do.